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Our Story

Hey there, I'm David All. 

I have been called a good storyteller, but truth is, I've taught myself to be a great listener.

I remember the details of a person's personal story. I notice their body language when they are telling me something. I can feel a story inside; like water filling a container. I had to start by writing it down in little notebooks, but now I seem to just remember. 

I formally got my start with storytelling the old fashioned way: writing speeches for a US Senator on Capitol Hill in my 20s. But since then, I've tried my hand at telling a story through every medium possible.

More than 40 traditional storytelling events with bright lights and a stage. Personal profiles of creatives through video. A three act play - the hit at the Camp Grounded talent show. Helping a Team USA Silver Medalist tell her story of transformation post-elite athlete. And my company, Mount Ethos, is an All Purpose Storytelling Studio for the World's Finest.


In 2012, I was living in San Francisco. As part of President Obama's 'National Day of Civic Hacking,' a few friends and I created a storytelling event, called Gifting Rug. I put a handmade rug down in a park and posted signs that anyone could tell their story on the rug without judgement. It was a safe space, literally.

That day was magical. A day of poems, stories, hugging, crying, healing and inspiration. One young man (not pictured) hugged me after he told his story on the rug; he said felt heard in community for the first time and decided right then to continue living. Here are some photos that David Wells took that day.

Gifting Rug by David All - Judgement Free Zone Gifting Rug hugs



The next iteration of the concept was an event I created in Columbus, Ohio called 'The Crucible.' Here's an article the lead organizer wrote about the experience.



I moved to LA to bring the idea to life as a TV show. A fresh approach to the sparse vertical in media of uplifting content and personal storytelling recognized in Oprah's career. Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, where I went to bring the idea to life, proved a blessing to discover a new medium, podcasting.

Podcasting was started by folks without much of a platform. It wasn't celebrity that made podcasting what it is today; it was hundreds and thousands of small, niche folks that had a story to tell.

The medium has provided me what I've always found necessary: creative freedom. So much so that I can tell anyone's story in the world at the same level as I would a world leader, and not have to answer to anyone about why I'm telling that story. The story matters most, not the name of the guest.

I'm honored to tell these stories. It's a great privilege to hold space for my guests. I'm thankful you're giving our stories a listen. Thank you.