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Feb. 20, 2020

Beyond: Transformation Pattern with Artie Wu

Beyond: Transformation Pattern with Artie Wu

This story reveals the overall pattern of transformation — the secret recipe of each personal Belly of the Beast Life Story. Once you hear the pattern - you’ll see it coming up in our podcast and with those around you.

Wisdom for our Soul, Courage for your Journey. In Belly, we share our extraordinary life stories of personal transformation to illustrate the nature of personal transformation. Beyond helps us go beyond personal stories to comprehend the overall pattern of transformation. 



– The first stage of transformation is ‘forced change’ which is the event which triggers the process of transformation

– We use Dr. Julian Gold’s diagnosis of cancer (Season 1, Episode 2) where he was diagnosed and days later was in the hospital for treatment

– A health event is one category of forced change that “truly cannot be stuffed down anymore”

– In the actual forced event itself — and in your own forced change in your life — understand the overall meaning in the event itself

– Allegory versus symbol; rise above why it’s happening and understand that it is happening and how will you respond to it

– From forced change, the caterpillar goes into the cocoon stage, and we use an excerpt from Chip Conley’s story (Season 1, Episode 13) to illustrate the “dark, gooey stage” of life

– Jobi Manson’s story(Season 1, Episode 11) illustrates the role of surrender as the final stage before climbing up into being a butterfly

– Holocaust survivor Martha Sternbach’s story (Season 1, Episode 1) of erupting as a butterfly 50 years after the Holocaust ended is our example of emergence - Climbing Up 


“The question that’s more interesting and relevant to me and ultimately helpful in my experience is what is the overall meaning of this event [forced change that leads to transformation]?”

 “The true transformative surrender is always forced. It always feels forced. If you willingly do it and try to maintain control, it’s not quite the real thing.”

 “So when that transformation happens… Your narrative about your self changes. And then you, in your essence, also change.”



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David All

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