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Feb. 24, 2020

Beyond: Finding Your Bliss with Artie Wu

Beyond: Finding Your Bliss with Artie Wu

Artie Wu dives into his personal transformation to become a a master healer to more than 120,000 folks around the world. In one of the clearest examples I've heard, Artie describes what 'healing' is, why it helps folks live a fuller life, and his vision for a healed world.

Wisdom for our Soul, Courage for your Journey. In Belly, we share our extraordinary life stories of personal transformation to illustrate the nature of personal transformation. Beyond helps us go beyond personal stories to comprehend the overall pattern of transformation.


– Artie shares his “own phases as a caterpillar” and his transformation journey to find his bliss as a healer

– David asks an important question: "what is healing?"

– We stuff parts of who we are down into the Belly – and healing is the act of going down to recover that lost part of you  

– Artie connects how most will refuse the “call” to recover this part of who they are and then life magically “puts them through the tumble cycle” to reconcile with that part of them in the belly

– Pain from a traumatic experience, like getting hit hard on the football field and crying has a secondary and deeper wound when the boy is in the car getting screamed at by his dad for crying and that “boys don’t cry”

– What is “following your bliss” and why it’s so crucial for you right now


“You know, I’ve went through my own phases of being a caterpillar. Jumping through the hoops of going to the right schools and doing sort of industry work and professional stuff that would be acceptable to the expectations that I had coding in my own mind and heart.”

“So the quick view of how I think about healing is that within every single one of us as we go through life. There will be parts of us that are valid, genuine card carrying parts of who we actually are as people just as we’re born. That we will feel are unacceptable to the world around us. And that’s an issue. An extreme if I’m in a society where being, say, divorced or homosexual or whatever will cost me my life because I could be executed under the law of that country, then if this is part of me that is like my sexual orientation or my religious affiliation could cause me to die or be killed, then that’s a part of me if I want to survive that, I have to stuff down.”

“And where you’ve stuffed that part of you is down in the belly, down in the deepest level of Guantanamo prison. And it can be argued that – healing is basically the act of going down into the lowest levels of the prison to recover that lost part of yourself.”

“And so there’s a sort of mysterious connection between healing as this whole natural process, this spontaneous process, if you will, of going into the belly of the beast that we all experience. I don’t believe there’s any master sort of torturer triggering all these things — it happens from our biology; Like a bird builds a nest and it’s beautiful.”

“That is where that road leads you is to finding and following your bliss. The thing you love to do natively even before you were born for no good reason. But when you follow it, you know it makes you happy. It unlocks all this power in you. It also, in hindsight, ends up being like you realized the meaning of purpose in your life. The reason why you’re on the planet in the first place. And as a happy byproduct, it rains down blessing on the life of the world around you.”




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