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Feb. 10, 2020

Childhood Drama with Maximilian Acevedo

Childhood Drama with Maximilian Acevedo

At 21, actor Maximilian Acevedo's story of growing up in a difficult childhood and surviving it is what has made him who he is today. He first pulled himself up and took control of his own life to become a fitness model. Now he's an actor recently co-starring in Netflix's Babysitter 2.  


- The formative years: Max reflects on traumatic events from his childhood

- Looking at his dad through the glass window when he visited him in jail

- While his father was in jail, random men would physically and mentally abuse Max

- Max recalls as a little child why he was even alive

- At 14, Max took control of his life when he joined a gym 

- He developed a strong work ethic and a passion for working out

- They gym became Max’s escape from the fighting and abuse at home

- Max was in a lot of fights in middle school - getting picked on and bullied for wearing vibrant clothes

- High school Max gained muscle and decided not to bully or fight anyone

- Max was participating in fitness competitions

- In Reno after high school, Max was struck by a calling to entertain - to start acting - to move back to Los Angeles

- His mother supported him and they made the move

- Max’s acting career is taking off - he credits his formative childhood without blame or regrets

- Max has many goals but one is making an impact for others through philanthropy



“Well, you know, my mom at the time growing up, she'd try her best as well as my dad. You know, to the best of our abilities, whatever they thought was good at being good parents. But, you know, it probably wasn't really the right fit for them to have kids to begin with. And so in situations like that, then again, ask myself at times, and I was so young but it's crazy I would think like, why am I alive? Like, why am I going through this? You know, I don't get it. What did I do? And then when you're a little kid, you can't explain that also to anyone because you just don't even know how to but you're thinking it. You know, you're aware. Kids are very smart, intuitive, smarter than adults think.”

“[My dad] wasn't able to comprehend that kind of love and be proud of me for something, you know?”

“Unlucky. Sad. Happy, sometimes. Life changing. Traumatic. Lonely. Cold. Confusing. Scary. Mm mm mm.... Sometimes a blur as my mind would wanna block out everything toxic that was going around, so it would just be a big blur.”

“Like I started working out and then I started gaining major work ethic and that sense from my health and and physical look. And then that's when I just started realizing, you know, okay, now I'm slowly kind of starting to turn into a young man, you know, a young adult.”

“It was the control. Yeah me being able to, like, start controlling, like things about my life. Like now I'm being an adult, I'm not really a kid. You know my parents can't really say too much now about this, about that.I taught myself everything. I never once had a personal trainer. Everything was self-taught or research or other adults in the gym helped me out teaching me stuff.”

“Yeah. My parents would be fighting. You know, there'd be no money for food or the bills or whatever or even, you know, again, when my dad would be kind of not the best mentally abusing me a bit. Whatever, you know, I would leave. And no matter what it's just I had, this... just like the Rock says, like this iron paradise where I would go there. And I'm just out.”

“Now things are happening the way they should and and I still have to put in a lot of work and keep climbing up, but the climb as much prettier now and the view is getting a lot clearer and the fog has diminished from sight and I can see where I'm going.” 

“Maybe Emmy Nominee. An Oscar nominee. MTV Movie Awards nominee, Motivational speaker. Traveller. Adventurer. World Changer. Founder of Foundations to help people of all ages, colors, different regions of the world. People that deserve the most help. To have a fighting chance to live the best lives they can for where they're from.”


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